All the Tea in China

All the Tea in China
Sterling Silver, 14 Kt Gold

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Women's Work: 
Knitting, Crochet & Needlepoint!

They say women's work is never done, but this woman's work will be done and ready for the "Spring Fling" edition of "Crafted Booty" hosted by Feedlot Studios.
April 6-7

This will be the premiere of my new Leather Collection: Women's Work 

Shown here; Needlepoint Cuff Bangle, with Calf & Lamb. Crochet Calf Leather Wrist Corset & Choker with printed lamb accents.

Having loads of fun on this collection...hours of cutting the leather pelts into fine yarn like strips. Thank all the Gods for the free on line MIT Courses. I can fill my brain while my fingers engage in fun!

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